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            首頁 網絡 V99-Upcoming events calendar 2023-V3

            V99-Upcoming events calendar 2023-V3

            2023年造船航運海工主要活動計劃一覽表-初稿9 Targeting to the demand for attending the famous industry events …



            Note: More events are planning and subject to change dependng on situation.

            Inquiry: china@ishipoffshore.com? or? meetchinamkt@163.com

            0)2nd NH3 Industry & Ammonia-Fueled Power System Shanghai Int’l Forum 2022 on?Jan.13-14


            Time: Jan.13-14, 2022, Place: Shanghai downtown

            1)Digital Innovation on Shipping & Shipbuilding? Shanghai int’l Forum 2022

            Time:?Mar.16, 2022?Place: Shanghai

            In conjunction with?Outlook on New Technology Applications for Marine/Offshore Shanghai int’l Forum 2022on?Mar.17-18, 2022


            Digital Innovation on Shipping & Shipbuilding Shanghai Forum2022

            2)?Outlook on marine new technologies application Shanghai int’l Summit 2022 on? Mar. 17-18 , 2022

            Report on China’s Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries 2022-25?will be issued on Feb 28, 2021

            3)?EPC & Global Industry Purchasing Shanghai int’l Conference 2022

            Time: April. 26-27, 2020, Place: Shanghai downtown

            In conjunction with?China Break Bulk Conference 2022

            Organized by Seahow and International Ship & Offshore Media China

            4)?5th LNG-fueled Ship & LNG Technology Shanghai Summit 2022

            In conjunction with 7th LNG New Technology & Investment Shanghai Summit 2022

            Time:? May 21-22, 2022 Place: Shanghai

            5) Port technology Innovation??Shanghai Int’l Summit 2022

            Time: June 30-July 1, 2022 Place: Shanghai

            6)?Container? Logistics & Shipping &Industry Shanghai Int’l Summit 2022

            Time: July 21-22, 2022 Place: Shanghai

            7) Wind Energy Technology Shanghai Exhibition and Conference2022

            in conjunction with?Offshore Wind Industry Innovation Shanghai Summit 2022

            Time: Sept. 8-10, 2022 Place: Shanghai

            8) 2nd?LNG Terminal & Distribution Shanghai Summit on Oct. 18-19

            9)Green Intelligent Ship & Offshore Shanghai International Conference 2022

            Time:?Nov 8-10, 2022, Place: Shanghai downtown

            In conjunction with Ship?Power Industry Innovation Shanghai Int’l Forum 2022?and 6th Marine BWMS & Scrubber Shanghai Int’l Summit 2022

            10 )3rd NH3 Industry & Ammonia-Fueled Power System Shanghai Int’l Summit 2022 on Dec.15-16

            11) Methanol-Fueled System Industry Shanghai Summit 2022


            12)?Report on Offshore Wind Power Industry Development 2022-25 will be issued on Dec 30, 2022


            13) Industry maps and publications will be issued more in 2022.

            The selected photos for the successfully held previous events as below:


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