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            首頁 Events 2nd? Digital Shipping Innovation Shanghai Int’l Conference 2023 ( DSISIC) on Sept. 21-22

            2nd? Digital Shipping Innovation Shanghai Int’l Conference 2023 ( DSISIC) on Sept. 21-22

            Based on the first Digital Shipping Innovation Shanghai Forum? ?being successfully held in…

            Based on the first Digital Shipping Innovation Shanghai Forum? ?being successfully held in 2017, with over 200 representatives made of? shipowners, shipyards, electrical manufacturers, designers, universities’ experts, suppliers, investors, industry leaders, classification professionals.The 2nd Digital Shipping Innovation Shanghai Int’l Conference 2023 ( DSISIC)? ?will be coming on Sept. 21-22 , 2023 in Shanghai again?with the larger scale and higher quality predicted, which will be in ?conjunction with? Smart Ship and Port Industry Development Shanghai Forum 2023

            Agenda on Digital Shipping Shanghai Conference 2023

            The forum is based on the successful previous Summits??held in Shanghai and? Beijing, which? each attracted industry? professionals from abroad and home.

            Event overview: ?. The upcoming event will gather leading shipowners, builders, suppliers, designers, investors, operators and experts and practitioners together to discuss about the industry trends, opportunities and challenges, with the focus on the? new ship applications, new technologies,? ?industry achievements,? applications, marine propulsion systems, power system, power conversion technologies and others.

            The? agenda is developing and the draft preliminary version as the link below:

            We sincerely invite you and your company to sponsor or attend the event, especially you are expected to deliver a speech or exhibit your ideas, solutions or services. Please let us know your possible topic or attendance at your earliest convenience.

            Entrance ticket Fee:?¥5,000 RMB ($700)per person??which? will? cover? the costs? for each? forum? attendance, lunch,? forum? materials??and other? benefits the forum offers.

            Earlier?bird?rate is ¥3,500RMB ($550)per person,??if paid before July 20, 2023 and Payment? ?must be? ?received? before? the? event? in? order? to? secure? your? seat? ).

            For?speech?sponsorship, each?20?minute?slot:

            40000 rmb?(6500 us$?)?in? morning,?Early-bird rate: 35000 rmb?( 5500us$?) ;

            25000 rmb?( 3500 us$?)?in? afternoon,?Early-bird rate:?22000 rmb?( 3200us$?)

            (?Above sponsorship will be granted free display??desk?)

            Exhibiting?desk?sponsorship: A area:60000 rmb ( 10000us$ ) ;B area:40000rmb ( 7000us$ ), C area:20000rmb ( 3000us$ ).

            ( Note: the above 3 sponsorships are granted with 3 free entrance tickets )

            More sponsorship program are open as listed in the?Appendix 3 below.

            All?above?sponsorship will be granted with?3?person?tickets?free?of?charge.

            Should you have any suggestions or advise, please feel free let us know.

            On behalf of? the organizers

            Mr. Bob Li???? by Email: chinabobli@126.com

            Mr. Peter Li? by Email: china@ishipoffshore.com

            Mr. Larry Ma? by china@seahow.cn



            Appendix 1:Agenda(is developing and will come soon)

            Appendix 2:Registration

            Appendix 3:Sponsorship program for the Summit

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